CameraView Photogrpahy
Digital Darkroom Work Flow

Since I shoot all RAW, my workflow starts with Nikon Capture NX2. Then I move to Photoshop CS3 using Nik Color EFix Pro 3.0 plug in filters.

1. Copy all images to appropriate hard drive folder.
2. Copy all images to back-up storage.

3. Open Nikon Capture NX2:
4. Open all NEF images in Browser
5. Delete all out of focus or poorly exposed images.
6. Open selected images I want to post or print.
7. Adjust EV (Exposure Value) if required
8. Adjust White Balance if required
9. Send to Photoshop as TIFF - Never save changes to your NEF originals!!!

10. In Photoshop, clone out any sensor dust spots.
     a.  Adjust brush size
     b. Set opacity to 35%
     c. Set area close to dust spot to clone from.
     d. Use sweeping motions to clone out dust spot(s).
11. Crop
12. Run Nik Graduated Neutral Density filter to adjust light/dark areas.
13. Merge Layers.
14. Run High Pass Filter to sharpen if required.
15. Change mode to 8 bit, size image to 72 dpi and  save.

When closing Nikon Capture NX2 - Never save changes to your NEF originals!!!
This way, I keep the RAW image just how it came out of the camera.

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