Jeremy Jones 
Edmond, Oklahoma 
3 years Photography Experience 
Nikon D2X and Nikon Lenses are current choice of photographic gear

I first got into photography about 3 years ago, with a small 5 megapixel point and shoot Canon. After a year or so of learning, and
Studying, I stepped up to my first Digital SLR, the Nikon D200. I have spent most of my photography time this past year chasing and shooting 
severe thunderstorms, especially lightning. While man cannot harness lightning at this point of technology, I always chuckle a little
bit every time I capture that elusive lightning strike! 

I've grown up watching my dad shoot pictures over the years, but never really grasped what he got out of shooting his cameras. But 
now that I'm older and know what is feels like to chase that perfect picture and how it makes you feel when you finally put everything
you've learned into play. I feel very fortunate to have learned photography in this day of age and not in the ol' days of wet darkrooms. 
Being able to quickly view photos in the field and make those small adjustments that make that picture "Pop"!

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